"You don't "change" people. Change is reversible. You transform them in a way that can never be undone, and that's both utterly beautiful and terrifying. It's never casual, it can't be. What you do rips off bandaids covering decades-old wounds, and forces a kind of healing that was considered impossible. It's painful, and freeing, and exhilarating all at once. It sets the reset button; uncovers the source code to someone's soul. It's merciless and yet so kind; the harshest form of judgement and yet entirely free of it." - Anon

"Irresistible." - Anon

"Intelligent. Confident. Strong" - Anon

"He does things to my mind and my heart that I can't even describe" - Anon

"Art. Friendship. Sex. What more could a girl want?" - Anon

"Considerate. Sincere. Sympathetic. Understanding. Loyal. Trustworthy. Fun" - Anon

"Intense. Focussed. Brilliant. Methodical. Kinky. Curious. Insatiable. Pragmatic. Idealistic. Loyal" - Anon

"Dedicated. Alpha. Sexy" - Anon

"That man owns me whether it is ever official or not. He owns me. I've never felt this way before. Sometimes it is overwhelming but also it feels completely natural, normal and comforting." - Anon

"His mind is truly a marvel. Instead of an angel on my shoulder, I have a sexy demon that whispers in my ear. My weakness has always been intelligent men. Combined with his attractiveness and a voice that matches the seductiveness of a siren and I am quite frankly doomed. At least, I will enjoy every step on the path to my downfall.

I wonder if this is how Eve felt when the Serpent was speaking to her. If so, I get it now. I understand. I really understand. I'm sure anyone who hasn't heard him would think I'm exaggerating but they would be oh, so wrong.

I called MK last night to chat. Chat in this case being an euphemism to fuck with my mind, I just drop into this haze with him, it's blissful.

Mostly he spoke about me and remembering when I was his toy and how much he enjoyed it. About how a toy isn't a person, it's a thing so it can't really resist or argue against something. About getting his initials tattooed on me over my cunt. About just being a set of holes that want to be filled. About putting me on the side of a street blindfolded for men to use and fill my jar with pennies. About knowing that I love him and respecting me for that. About how hard hearing me speak in third person made him.

Of course, I dropped right back into being the toy. For me, she is safe, loved and cherished. I don't have to think; I just have to do as I am told. Even now, my thighs clench at the memory. She wants to serve. Her only joy is in making her Master happy. It is almost pure in her focus. I think many subs are willing to submit for the physical pleasure that they are rewarded with. The toy is not like that. Her joy is in the act of doing as she is told to do to make her Master happy.

I loved being the toy. I'm guessing that she is me at my base core. The simplest part of me. I don't think just anyone can coax her out though. It takes a measure of trust and dominance. There is a safety in trusting in the strength of a dominant man. Because he is strong, I can be weak." - Anon