Designing Better Reinforcers

As part of my research for developing the upcoming Class on Training your Submissive I’ve taken a broad and in-depth look at behaviour reinforcement mechanisms. Effective reinforcement mechanisms are the cornerstone of some of the training methods I will be presenting during the Class. It falls to you as the Trainer to quickly and effectively […]

Rough Guidelines on Setting Rules

Keep them clear. If needed, add some clarity or likely exceptions or special circumstances to the end, but at least have the initial sentence contain the general thrust of it, to facilitate easier learning by the submissive. Be consistent. Don’t make a Rule that you aren’t willing to enforce every time. Late at night, first […]

Single Session Reality Change

Overall Outline  Phase 1: Define and set the goals according to the SMART formula. More detail. Phase 2: Define the Desired Behaviours and Define a Perfect Day in exhaustive detail. Phase 3: <- This is where we are now. Implant the new Perfect Day as their new Reality. Phase 4: Print out and Review Daily […]