Building Better Triggers

There is a real need for the explanation of how to use Triggers and Post-hypnotic suggestions responsibly with your subjects. Generally speaking as a hypnotist you should prefer Closed Triggers to Open Triggers – the outcomes of a Closed Trigger are more predictable, and the more controlled circumstances will build trust in your subject. There […]

The Best of the Best

I’ve gathered the most common needs people have here, along with the single best resource on that subject. Enjoy, and remember – Perfect Practice makes Perfect. The single Best  Resource on … … becoming a Powerful and Effective Dominant is: Igniting the Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission by Master Arcane … being a Healthy […]

Sex and Kink Education Providers

Rope Bondage and Tying Two Knotty Boys Youtube Channel Dominance and Mastery Education The Crow Academy Others Sex and Fucking Kink Websites Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Sydney – Sydney – Sydney International – Highly Recommended […]

Sex Toy Recommendations

Melbourne based Kink and Sex Toy Suppliers Gold Coast based Kink and Sex Toy Suppliers Most of these will quite happily ship to anywhere in Australia – just get in touch! Sex Furniture – Hunters Lodge Furniture0407 650 660 – [email protected] Sex Furniture – “Thats a Paddlen”0416 375 602 – […]

Erotic Hypnosis Websites, Podcasts, Writing and Youtube Channels

Erotic Hypnosis Websites Dominance Education. Highly Recommended. Submissive Training. Recommended. WarpMyMind – The single largest repository of Erotic Hypnosis Audio files for download on the internet. If you want something rare, obscure or specific, he’ll have it. Nimja’s Website – Maker of Audio Files and Flashy Spirals. Helps to run the […]

List of Assessment Tools

The Essentials Extra Assessment Tests – Hypnotic Suggestibility Test – Kink Assessment – For assessing Psychopathy – Note: You are not qualified to diagnose anyone with anything, this test is simply listed here for completeness. – For assessing Psychopathy – […]

Finding EH Pornography / The Smut List

Lets be real – you’re into this because watching beautiful girls or handsome boys drop into trance is super hot. You love everything about it – their eyes rolling back, the relaxation, their mind letting go as you take over, the occasional drooling, the sounds they make. It’s hot, we like it too 😊. Just […]

The Master List of Erotic Hypnosis Communities

The Master List of Erotic Hypnosis Communities Erotic Hypnosis is much more enjoyable talked about and done in-person than online, so this page is sorted in descending order of these resources emphasis on real life, in-person meetups. Discord Servers and the online “community” (it’s in air quotes because there isn’t one) should only really be […]