Guest Post – How I would Train a Submissive if I were a Master

The below writing is not written by me. She expresses a different perspective of the same process, useful to the eager student. First, I’d want her to learn about me. I’d want her to understand intimately how I work, my emotional signals, my likes and dislikes, how to understand me and approach me. Both for […]

Building Your Own Sex Kit

The Short Version TLDR: It’s a guide on how to build a “pick up and go out to fuck” bag to suit yourself and your interests. The Longer Version A truly useful idea, a Sex Kit is a bag that comes preloaded for a sexual occasion, so that you can just pick it up and […]

A Guide to Essential Self-Care for Submissives

There are several activities which as a Dominant you may find useful to proscribe to your submissives or prospectives-in-training. These are centred on giving your treasured possession the tools and correct habits to maintain themselves and the relationship they have with you. Journaling is a very common one, and with good reason. It creates a […]

Single Session Reality Change

Overall Outline  Phase 1: Define and set the goals according to the SMART formula. More detail. Phase 2: Define the Desired Behaviours and Define a Perfect Day in exhaustive detail. Phase 3: <- This is where we are now. Implant the new Perfect Day as their new Reality. Phase 4: Print out and Review Daily […]