Resources for Content Creators

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This page exists to answer the question “what tools do I use to create my own hypnotic content?”

Creating your own Content


Outliner – Workflowy

First Draft – Cold Turkey Writer

Editing for General Use – Microsoft Word

Writing Long-Form (25K words +) – Scrivener

Editing for Online Publishing – Use the Editor in your CMS


Editing (Basic) – Audacity or Ocenaudio

Editing (Complex, steep learning curve) – Ableton Live

Exporting to MP3 – LAME Encoder

Text to Speech – Balabolka or or WebHypnotist or TTSMp3

Generating Background Noise – MyNoise

Free Audio Samples – Splice or Landr

Microphone Hardware

Recording Lectures or Speeches

Lapel Microphone – Rode Lavalier GO

Voice Recorder – Anything by Sony here

Desktop Recording

What I have – Audiotechnica 2020USB+

This has probably been replaced with an updated model by now.

Also Excellent – Rode NT-USB


Finding Source Images – ImageFap

Bulk Downloading Source Images – uGet or AntDM

Creating Brainwashing Images with Captions – MemeGenerator

Playing Brainwashing Slideshows – Flip-Flip (in Downloads Folder)

Creating Picture Loops and GIFs – Pixaloop


Editing Video (Basic) – Movavi

Throwing Content around on all devices – Plex


Hardware – Oculus Go Headset

Hardware (Super Budget Version) – Google Cardboard

Software for playing Experiences – Mind Massaging Machine

Software for creating Experiences – MMM Session Builder

Android VR Apps – Mindroid

Selling and Distribution


If you are giving your voice away, or want to make it easily streamable to as many people as possible?

(Like using voice clips or sessions as a dating application or sexual resume.)

Use your secure email to create an account with SoundGasm

If you are charging money for recordings of your voice?

Go to WarpMyMind, use your secure email to create an account, once you’ve uploaded at least 10 recordings, you can start charging money for them.

If you are doing live sessions over the phone?

Use Niteflirt. An excellent example profile.

If you are selling videos?

Using Patreon seems to be your best bet, though I have no personal experience doing this. The other Clip sites take a huge cut of your profits and provide little value to most people.


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