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If you have ever been blocked from an Erotic Hypnosis discord server, then there is a greater than 90% chance that the only reason that happened is that you happened to have an opinion that was different from the person running the server. It’s happened to friends of mine, I’ve seen it happen to strangers – it’s very common, and its what is slowly choking the community to death.

Being a forum moderator doesn’t make someone superhuman or even any better informed, it simply means that they were friends with the person who originally created the server and it was handed down to them once the server owner couldn’t handle the unrelenting and incredible toxicity of the far and extreme left social-justice-warrior-ridden hypnokink environment. If you haven’t seen them yet then you soon well, it’s easy to spot – they’re the people always attacking other people and not their arguments, calling for other people to be banned and pretending to be tolerant when they are in fact by far the most intolerant group of people in our entire society. SJW’s (Social Justice “Warrior’s”) use fear, personal attacks, violence, and intimidation – they are a cancer that pervert and ultimately destroy through uselessness anything they touch, and if you would like to read an excellent and well-informed book on the subject than you can find a link to one here: A Good Book on the Problems SJWs Cause in A Group

A Solution to this Problem

A group of erotic hypnotists, dominants, submissive trainers and I are building a better community. If you would like to apply to join, use the contact form on this website to express your interest.

Warm, genuine conversation and discussion around Erotic Hypnosis is essential to your own understanding and growth as a practitioner, and the goal of every good forum and discord server should be to foster and encourage open discussion and the healthy expression of opinion. Free and Open Discussion is by far one of the best ways to deepen and increase our understanding as practitioners of the art form of Erotic Hypnosis. Without the ability to ask questions and have discussions freely, a discord server or forum will become stagnant and empty of real contributors as they are actively driven away to other places where real conversation and discussion are welcomed and encouraged, leaving the intolerant server as a useless echo chamber for a small number of damaged and mentally ill individuals to push their agenda on anyone who hasn’t pulled the trigger on leaving yet, but is about to.

The servers listed above are places that I have found that welcome new people and new opinions and where you are free to ask questions and have them answered, places where you will not be shouted down for not knowing something, or accused of being a “dangerous person” and openly attacked by a lunatic mob of insane SJW’s just for asking a question or having an opinion they don’t like. In my experience they are run by mature, well-adjusted adults who genuinely love Erotic Hypnosis and would be glad to have your questions and your contributions. Join them if you intend to join or spend any time on an Erotic Hypnosis discord server at all, and enjoy the free conversation and discussion around the subject that we all enjoy and love.

... and the places you should avoid, and why

Without careful and conscious rules around how much time you spend in hypnokink servers it’s possible to waste years of your life. Tragically, the most common mistake I see people making is investing months – in some cases even years – of their life in joining and trying to contribute to a server, only to then be blocked and permanently banned because of a single disagreement or because they had an opinion that was different from the person running the server. You aren’t crazy, this happens literally all the time. People just disappear and there is no explanation for it and several months later you find out that they disagree with someone and they were banned instantly. People investing years of their life and a good part of their identity in something that they find deeply fulfilling, only to be deplatformed and cut off from their friend networks and social support systems by the jealous or angry actions of an intolerant handful of moderators and server owners. The people who entrusted their time to these servers deserve better behaviour and more tolerance from the people who should be leading by example, but those people are not going to change – so the solution is to avoid the servers that they run completely. Unlike other people who might try to tell you what you can and can’t do, I’ll simply say to you that dozens of people have written to me about the years of their life they’ve wasted on these places before being banned or blocked, simply because they disagree with the new owner, blocked without any chance to explain themselves or tell their side of the story. Don’t waste your time on them.

All of the servers listed below are there for one reason – they are incredibly intolerant and block people without warning or the possibility to explain your side of things simply for having a different opinion. Avoid them.

  • Missturbia
  • The Secret Subjects Server – (also pushes an anti-male agenda very, very hard.)
  • The Pendulum Palace
  • Another Hypno Server