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This website is for HypnoKink Enthusiasts and Submissive Trainers. If thats you, well you're in the right place.

This website is kind of like a personal Wiki, built from Resources that I've either gathered over the last several years, or created myself. I am a Toolmaker, I build tools to solve problems. Most of the time, those problems involve training sexual submissives or dominants, or improving myself, or my relationships with others. If those are areas you are interested in, you'll find something of value in this site.

I've never enjoyed describing myself, but to provide some context I am an expert level hypnotist and people trainer, a gym junkie, a writer, a public speaker, a teacher and publisher and a passionate, caring person. I put the time into building this website so that others could skip over the initial learning curve and mistakes that so often disheartens them before they reach real results, and get straight to the nitty-gritty of solid resources and tools, and use them to build something.

Hundreds of times a year I'm asked "how do I begin being an erotic hypnotist" or "how do I improve as a dominant or submissive" or "what should I do next" - so I've done the research to answer those questions and more. 

Whether its a deep, fulfilling and intimate D/s relationship, or a more powerful and influential version of yourself, or an effective and happy life, there's something here for you. Browse around freely, share what you find with others - just link this site in the credit and I'm happy.

I have had the pleasure of making close friends and corresponding with pretty much every major figure in kink and hypnokink over the years. This website is my small offering into our collective knowledge.


Content on the site is divided into sections by type. I have a regular podcast, a download folder with all the gathered resources and my own created ones, a page where you can stream some of my hypnotic audios or download them, and a selection of writings and blog posts. Use the top menu to navigate around.

Media Appearances - The ABC Interview

As part of my work making hypnokink not only for weirdos but normal people too, I've done several media interviews talking about how much fun erotic hypnosis can be between loving, enthusiastic partners. This one went out to an audience of over a million people.

❤️ Podcast ❤️ - The Podcast

I run a highly informative podcast where I talk about pretty much whatever I want to, though it's mostly new hypnosis techniques I've created and improved.  

Free Documents & Resources - Download Files

Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of rare, useful and interesting resources on slave and submissive training, hypnokink, and D/s relationships.

Paid Audio Sessions - Erotic Recordings

I have a number of very popular hypnosis sessions centred around teaching female submissives to be comfortable with their bodies and their desire to submit, embracing pleasure as their human right, and taking pride in themselves.

Free Audio Sessions - Free Audio Recordings

I have a dozen or so free erotic hypnosis recordings. You can listen to relax yourself, take away your troubles and bring some calm and quiet into your life.

How to (Hypnotically) Train Your Submissive

26 audios (2+ hours), 6 printable handouts. This is a complete recording of a 2+ hour class that I taught on How to Train Your Submissive. It features a through explanation of foundational training concepts, live demonstrations of both Operant Conditioning and Erotic Hypnosis being used for training purposes and a comprehensive troubleshooting Q and A session. This program is a complete, top to bottom entry-to-mid-level introduction on how to train someone who you are in a relationship with, to be in your service – sexually, domestically and in any way you choose.


As well as teaching effective general principles of training, covering attributes and traits of an effective Trainer and Trainee, it includes live demonstrations of two powerful methodologies – Operant Conditioning and Hypnotic Conditioning – and how to apply them specifically to the subtle art of Slave and Submissive Training. It covers potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, includes full scripts for hypnotic conditioning and implanting powerful positive triggers, and is the result of many years of development, experimentation and practical experience from my own life as a Master to multiple live-in slavegirls.