Erotic Hypnosis Websites

Dominance Education. Highly Recommended.

Submissive Training. Recommended.

WarpMyMind – The single largest repository of Erotic Hypnosis Audio files for download on the internet. If you want something rare, obscure or specific, he’ll have it.

Nimja’s Website – Maker of Audio Files and Flashy Spirals. Helps to run the HYDE European Hypnoconference, one of the largest and most successful gatherings of hypnofetishists in the world.

Jack Stock – Extremely smart guy, focussed and takes it seriously. Runs a number of sites and produces high quality audio hypnosis content and visuals. Has a very kind and subject-focussed emphasis in his work. – Where you’ll find his erotic work. – Where you’ll find his non-erotic work.

McStories – The largest Collection of Erotic Hypnosis Fiction.

Hypnotic Dreams – A high quality introduction site to erotic hypnosis. Has audios, short stories and ebooks for sale.

Joseph Crowns Website – He writes and publishes books, and runs a private Facebook group for Mind Controllers.

The Velvet Dungeon – High Quality Hypnoporn

Erotic Hypnosis Podcasts

The Black Room

Fingering the Page

BrainCage Podcast

Two Hyp Chicks

Power in Practice – Podcast URL

Erotic Hypnosis Youtube Channels

Two Hyp Chicks

BrainCage Youtube Channel

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Erotic Hypnosis Writings and Mentions – Australia’s National Radio Broadcaster invites someone on to talk about Erotic Hypnosis. Very informative. – A Submissive’s perspective on their hypnosis fetish. – how do you explain a hypno fetish? – A decent beginners guide. – A list of English Techniques, useful for use in hypnosis. – Another decent beginners guide. – Research studies on Hypnosis and it’s effects. – Female Orgasms without awareness or stimulation. – Hypnosis is a real thing, apparently.

List of Stage Hypnosis Performers

Non-Erotic Hypnosis Podcasts