EH Communities Master List

Erotic Hypnosis is much more enjoyable talked about and done in-person than online, so this page is sorted in descending order of these resources emphasis on real life, in-person meetups. Discord Servers and the online "community" (it's in air quotes because there isn't one) should only really be used to coordinate in-person meetups and events. Social Media is toxic and more and more people are disconnecting every day and finding they do not miss it and are much better off. Maybe you should be one of them.

If you know of any events that need to be added to this list, please let me know using this contact form.


There are a lot of these, 80 percent located in the United States of America, and these are the best places to meet people and get your hypnokink on. Most of these events run once a year.

Websites are used for buying convention tickets, finding out general information like location, food and hotels nearby, and how best to get there by bus, plane, car, etc. If the convention you want to attend has a Mailing List, you should join it and those can be found on their websites.

Discord Servers are a free chat service (like IRC, but fancier) that people use leading up to the event and during the event to organise things like shared carpools, finding hotel rooms nearby, going out for group outings at night for dinner, organising big erotic hypnosis scenes, and putting in requests for play or to meetup. Everybody will use this during a con, so you should too, this is where a lot of the magic of a con is organised. Download the software for your device here.

💋 = Websites, 🌲 = Discord Servers


HYDE - 💋 - 💋


TorontoEH (Erotic Hypnosis) - 💋 - 🌲


NEEHU - 💋 - 🌲

HEaRT - 🌲

Beguiled Conference - 💋 - 🌲

MindQuake - 💋 - 🌲

Charmed! - 💋 - 🌲

HTLive - 90 percent non-erotic hypnosis, check before attending - 💋

Deep Mind Dark Wood - 💋 - 🌲

There are a large number of Erotic Hypnosis or Recreational Hypnosis Groups listed on Being a Member is free, and I like its focus towards in-person events. Do a search for any of the following search terms -"hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, recreational hypnosis".


Communities and In-Person Groups

A lot of smaller groups use Fetlife or Discord Servers rather than have their own dedicated websites. You want to join these, then attend any in-person meetups they may be holding. 

🌲 = Discord Servers, 🐳 = Fetlife, 💋 = Websites


Russia Deep'n Deeper - 🌲 - Very Welcoming!

London Hypnosis Collective - 🐳

Manchester Hypnosis Munch - 🐳

Auld Sleepie (Edinburgh Hypno Munch) - 🐳

These Hypnotic Isles - 🌲


Boston Erotic Hypnosis Initiative - 🌲

Philadelphia (Philly) Mindplay = 🌲

Central Florida - 🌲

Hypnosis NYC - 🌲

Erotic Hypnosis Discord Servers

The links to Discord (a chat service) servers are included here only in an attempt to filter out the worst of the garbage, but to tell you the truth - most of the accomplished, skilled erotic hypnotists gave up online "communities" years ago as being unbearably, unrepentantly toxic, and have formed local, in person groups or started their own private Discord Servers. I encourage you to seek out in-person meetups in public places and to always take responsibility for your own safety and health - physical and especially mental. 

General Social and Hypnosis Servers

There's others, but these are pretty much the best ones out there.

Pendulum Palace - 🌲

Nimja - 🌲 - Discord Link is private and paid for, but a very active community and apparently worth joining. He also helps to organise HYDE, an Erotic Hypnosis Convention in Europe, listed above on this page.

Darknosis - 🌲

The Pink Room - 🌲

FetLandia - 🌲 - A great social EH and BDSM server with a focus on inclusivity, casual socialising and education.

Hypnodolls - 🌲 A well maintained room run by Lex, who also produces high-quality hypnoporn which you should check out HERE (it's good stuff).

Covert Erotic Hypnotism - 🌲 - An active server with some good content you won't find anywhere else.

Specialist Servers

Less active, but more geared towards a specific purpose.

Two Hyp Chicks Podcast Discord Room - 🌲

Mind Massaging Machine - 🌲

MindWash (Brainwashing Specialist) - 🌲 

Hypnokink-friendly Kink and BDSM Organisations

This List May be Useful - 💋

TES (The Eulenspiegal Society) - 💋

The Society of Janus (SoJ) - 💋