Overall Outline

Phase 1:

Define and set the goals according to the SMART formula. More detail.

Phase 2:

Define the Desired Behaviours and Define a Perfect Day in exhaustive detail.

Phase 3: <- This is where we are now.

Implant the new Perfect Day as their new Reality.

Phase 4:

Print out and Review Daily until they are accomplished. ("Sharpen the Saw".)

"I am a lazy Hypnotist and I do not like having to repeat myself." - Some Famous Guy

NOTE: This document was inspired by Senior Captain Bruno's excellent Powerpoint Presentation on Single Session Habit Change.

I have added my own thoughts and understandings to his outline and any errors are entirely mine. If you do find any, please send me an email and I will be happy to update it and give you credit for your contribution.

A big thank you to everyone who gave suggestions, advice or assisted with editing and feedback. You know who you are.

This document does not constitute medical, legal or personal advice. Use at your own risk.

Table of Contents

Mind Power

You as a Hypnotist do not have superpowers, the power for all of the changes rests within the mind of your subject. In the Hypnotist / Hypnotee relationship, always remember that the subject's subconscious is the one with all the power, you allow them the ability to make the change, you are simply a guide. The Goal is to make the subject do all the work, and to have fun with this!

Always remember, this is fun!

Frame the interaction this way (as one where the subject has all the power inside them to make the changes), particularly in Therapeutic sessions. This is Empowering to your subject.

The Difference between "Changing" versus "Being"

The Basic Theory is: When someone is trying to quit smoking, they have to overcome all the pitfalls and traps that have the potential to pull them back to that old behaviour and if these are not exhaustively elicited and dealt with cleanly, there is a very real chance of reversion to being a smoker. Instead, you want to simply make them into a Non-smoker.

Conventional Hypnotherapy is a complex subject but typically focuses on information gathering, exhaustive elicitation of all connected behaviours, then countering those behaviours with Direct Suggestion (or other methods, particularly if there is some Unconscious Conflict) and implanting new behaviours that have been identified as beneficial, then future pacing towards an outcome.

This conventional approach essentially places equal weight on both approaches, but the focus on the negative (don't smoke at your sons soccer games, don't smoke on the train, don't pick up a cigarette over dinner), has the potential for pushback, and (to my understanding) mostly involves a focus on the negative.

Instead, here we do a summary Value Elicitation, and rather than try to individually address all the different individual behaviour patterns of a smoker, we very thoroughly disassociate them and then create for them a new, compelling reality in Trance where they are a non-smoker, build these resources in the past using the Corridor of Infinite Possibility, then bring them into the future (turn right) and make that compelling future a reality for them, an inevitability.

When you are a non-smoker, there's no pitfalls, there's no stress, no enablers, no binging.A Non-smoker has none of these things, only easy natural success.

Your goal is to create a new identity for them, a new reality, and new future for them, one that you have designed together. In this example, it is a happy future as a non-smoker.

Short Brutal Summary

Kick them out of their current, shitty reality into one that you've designed with them that's perfect and reflects all the changes they want to make, then make those changes permanent and natural for them. Record the whole thing and repeat it until they love it.

Short and Brutal Summary (in plain language)

Elman Induction

Give Reinduction Trigger.

Take them into trance using the trigger you've established.

Fractionate 3-4 times using that trigger.

Full Wakeup.

"You liked that, right?" - Get them to confirm that they were hypnotised.

"You want to try that again?"

Use trigger to induce somnambulistic trance.

Have them find themselves on the beach, with me. - Level One Trance

Walk along the beach (do thought clearing)

Sit for awhile, and practice the trigger we just set up.

Sit down facing the water, and give her the reinduction trigger. - Level Two Trance

Tell them to feel fantastic and "let it all drift away".

Find yourself in a Corridor.

Turn left and walk past the door into the past.

Walk back past the year of your birth.

Go through the Old Door.

Find yourself in the Exotic Market.

Walk through the Market, across the City to the Bathhouse.

Put yourself back into the frame here (to signify that this is important)

Servants of the bathhouse take you to a private, sacred and secluded, safe area so that you can be naked and free.

You undress yourself.

Go to the room with the pool of warm water.

They wash your body and cleanse you of all stress and strain.

Take you out of the water and put you on the massage table.

Vivid massage until deeply relaxed.

Walk out the back door of the bathhouse into the Garden.

Go from the Garden to the Forest, walking down the path.

"Something is hidden. Something is there waiting for you."

"There is a chest in that room, is it locked or open?"

"There is something for you in that chest. Take it and look at it, and hold it."

Have them choose to make that change.

Now have them walk back out of the forest, and say the word Door.

Go through the door, now they are on top of a mountain.

Sit on the top of the mountain and look out to the horizon. (Don't feel cold).

Go back through the Bathhouse, it's closed now.

Go back through the Market, it's all closed.

Go through the Door, into the Corridor.

Turn right, find the door of the year that you were born.

Have them go into the Future, and lay a path for the future of success (like a more intense Future Pacing).

Go through the door, find themselves on the beach.

Snap your fingers and have them find themselves wide awake on the beach.

Bring them back up the beach, then through a door, and find themselves back in the chair.


Long period of higher suggestibility post-trance. Use this to reinforce your good work.

PHASE 3: Step 1: Information Gathering

Leave aside Parts Therapy, Regression, and Revivification of an Originating Event for right now.

When dealing with a lifelong habit, we do want to know a little bit about them.

Question 1: When was the first time that started doing the behaviour, and how did it make them feel?

(We ask them how they feel because very often negative behaviours do not feel very good the first few times they do them, but the circumstances that cause them to come into being are not resolved before those new habits take root, so those behaviours are implanted and the behaviour becomes a habit. Getting them thinking about the sickness, or the shame, or whatever negative emotions they felt at the beginning provides emotional leverage and reminds them that there was a time they lived without this habit. It also forms part of convincing the Conscious Mind that it's time to let go of this habit, by creating enough pain that change becomes a must. What need is that behaviour fulfilling? (remember according to NLP every behaviour fulfils some purpose, or it wouldn't exist). There is always another way to get that need met, in a healthier way.

Question 2: What did it bring to them? (Use past tense here deliberately)

(Get them to be honest and open in discussing what it is that they like about the habit. You'll need to provide something very much more compelling that their current habit to push them into a new pattern of behaviour - it's important to note, that the new behaviour must be just as available as the old habit). Ask them about the positive side of the Habit - what does it bring to them? What are the advantages of it (remember that in NLP, every behaviour fulfils some purpose). Ask them about all the habit and what it brings to them in terms of benefit.

Question 3: What does that habit take away from them?

(What does this habit take from them? What are the negatives, and how do they affect the person? Bad health, poor relationships, sexual dysfunction, poor sleep habits, dropping testosterone levels?) These are needs that you need to meet in the reality that you design. Every human being has fundamental human needs, and there are both healthy and unhealthy ways of meeting each of these needs. We want to give them healthy, fulfilling ways to meet their missing needs that are sustainable and ecological.

Question 4: Ask them about their Personal History?

(Ask them why they started doing the behaviour? Find out why they started, and that will give you a great insight into potentially a deeper issue that may be driving this bad habit. Ask them about their Family History - get them to describe their family and friends opinions and thoughts on their behaviour? - (utilising social pressure can be a powerful reinforcer, particularly for women. Being a slavegirl in the company of other slavegirls can be very powerful, and very comforting to her when broader society says that she is "letting down the team" (her entire gender, as if any woman was responsible for the actions of every woman everywhere!) by submitting to a man.)

Hypnotic Tools used in this Process

The Toolset required is broad, and a high level of skill must be expressed in the following areas:

  • Conversational Hypnosis
  • Delivering a Pretalk and Setting Powerful Expectations
  • Sensory Revivification
  • Clean Language (using language that doesn't presuppose a certain outcome, see Forensic Hypnosis)
  • Implanting Triggers (specifically a Reinduction Trigger)
  • Fractionation
  • Depth Testing
  • Disassociation
  • Visualisation
  • Regression-like Movement within Trance
  • Time Distortion
  • Future Pacing

Conversational Hypnosis

Initial training in this might be hard, but it is always worthwhile and it becomes much, much easier as time goes on. It's simply how to effectively use language to create an experience in someone's mind. When you bring someone back in time, the experience is recreated from memory, which requires an internal exploration by the subconscious.

When you ask someone a question they have to think deeply about, it opens the door to the subconscious mind so that they can remember, and this causes a "mini trance". Any kind of sensory revivification will result in the recreation of that experience from memory. If the description is particularly vivid, they will begin to go into trance.

Step 1: Ask them questions to elicit details and emotion:

"Can you remember the first time you did the behaviour?"

"Can you remember the taste of it?

"Was there music playing"

"Was time of the day was it?"

"What temperature was it?"

"Was it day or night?"

"Were you alone or with someone?"

"Were you inside or outside?"

Always use Clean Language, right now you are Pacing, not Leading. Present them with Binary Choices, where all possible outcomes fall into one of those two choices.

**Step 2: Give them questions to recreate the context of the experience. **You want to open the door to the idea that the habit doesn't really do anything for them, and talk about:

"What would it do for you to not be a non-smoker?"

Step 3: Now begin shifting the Temporal Reference Point

When you first start talking about them being a non-smoker, use the present tense. When they start talking about activities they did in the past that were associated with them being a smoker, gently remind them that that was the past. You want them to put all of that behind them.

Shift the Reference Point, and begin to talk about them as no longer being a Smoker. Go through and list all the ways that behaviour is holding you back, find and explore the contexts that cause them pain and create a strong drive within them to move forward, away from their "Old" ways of thinking.

By this point in the conversation they should have gone back into those bad feelings, be highly motivated to consciously change, feeling a little pain from thinking about that bad habit, and already beginning to think of themselves as someone who smoked "in the past".

Seeding and Framing

Now is when you bring up the mechanics of Hypnosis and do your standard "disarm their preconceived notions of Trance and frame the coming experience in a positive, empowering way" routine. Address their concerns, relax them, and tell them all the things they need to know to respond just the way that you want them to. Always set your subject up to win.

Bring up and discuss giving them an Instant Reinduction Trigger - so that when they want to work with any hypnotist they won't have to spend twenty minutes being hypnotised again

Like this:

"I will set a trigger that you can use to put you back into a deep, deep trance so that if you ever work with any hypnotist you like in the future you can enter a deep, deep trance very, very quickly and save a lot of time. Would that be okay?"

Get the small win first: Set a trigger that will allow you to get the Big Win later.

Lay out the plan, and then get the agreement of their Conscious and Unconscious Mind verbally.

This is much easier than it sounds, just describe what is going to happen and ask them if they are okay with everything.

The Actual Induction

Use the Elman Induction, there are handouts at the website. If you've focussed on getting enthusiastic consent from the Conscious and Unconscious, and you've clearly explained what is going to happen and when (setting up the Dominos so you can knock them down easily) this will go smoothly.

When doing the Induction, always include your Boilerplate Safeties:

"You can always feel the chair underneath you, and feel safe and comfortable here in the chair."


"My voice will follow you everywhere you go, and you will be able to understand my words and what I am saying.

While it's important to understand what it brings to them, and what it takes away ... we really don't mind. We are going to do our work in a completely different reality, so a cursory examination of their current one is useful mostly for avoiding potential abreactions or negative responses.

I don't want to work in the same environment that caused the original problem, just as "you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it." It's not enough that they simply stop doing the thing that they are doing, it's that the needs that were being met by it are met in other ways, more important and powerful and healthier ways in the new reality you will implant for them.

Step 2: Disassociate them from their current Reality

The mind works by association, and your Subconscious is very, very good at creating those associations.

The first thing we want to do is disassociate them as far as possible **from their current reality. We do this by taking them on a journey through multiple new realities, and when done correctly this is a pleasant process for both you and the subject, and while initially very complex, if you document the realities and use consistent ones, it's surprisingly easy to master. - (Interesting side note, disassociation can be used to give girls **incredibly powerful orgasms on command, simply get them out of their body and reality and trigger them in a dissociated state for an extreme response, which can then be tied back to the trigger so that they can enjoy that again and again).

How we do this is by bringing them through multiple successive realities, so that where they end up has absolutely no relationship to their current reality (in which they are a smoker, for example), and then creating a new, exciting and compelling reality for them and having them experience a lifetime of their new reality (building resources and experience in the process), then bringing them back and having them anchor that reality through every year of their life (their past), then taking them into the Future (by turning right down the corridor) to see the effects of that and make those even more real and powerfully compelling, before returning to Objective Reality and tying off your work to completion.

If you can do this, easily (with appropriate Preframing), well you've really accomplished something!

Layers within Layers

The best analogy is the movie "Inception", and how they are put to sleep, then awoken into a dream, then have them to sleep within that dream, and have them dream again an new reality, and so on. You do the same thing, by putting them into trance within trance. Remember how difficult that movie was to follow while awake?

(Note: Disassociate them by bringing them through multiple, simultaneous realities' so they have no idea where they are, their old beliefs fall away, and new realities with empowering beliefs can be created for them. That's the whole technique in a nutshell.)


Preframe and Set expectations

Elman + Reinduction Trigger + Fractionate -

Reinduce, and have her find herself at the Beach.

(OPTIONAL) - Thought Clearing using the waves on the beach.

While sitting on the Beach, practice using the reinduction trigger on her.

Step 3: Setup, Induction, Set Trigger and Emerge, Test and Verify

Do your Elman Induction.

(OPTIONAL: Do a thought clearing exercise, "Popping Bubbles" work's well here)

Set your reinduction trigger - with safeties and 2FA (essentially, set it only works when they can BOTH hear your voice AND you are making eye contact OR you say their name. Use multiple factors for authentication of triggers, so they cannot be triggered without conscious intent by the Hypnotist. This is something that WiseGuy recommends.)

Say this:

"When you feel safe, and you want to be hypnotised, and it's safe for you to be hypnotised deeply, when I say the word "Sleep" you'll allow yourself to go as deep or even deeper every time as you are right now. It will be much quicker, much easier every time that you do that. The more you use this trigger, the quicker, the faster and the deeper and the more powerful it will become, and you'll enter a deep, deep state of trance."

Test your Reinduction Trigger while they are still in Trance - set and frame the next section to ensure success:

Say this:

"In a moment, I'm going to count from one to three and you will open your eyes, and you'll look deeply into my eyes. You will feel perfectly wide awake, but you will still be profoundly and powerfully hypnotised, in a deep state of trance."

Have them open their eyes, look deeply into your eyes. Fire off their Reinduction Trigger (RT) and watch their eyes close and their body go deeper. Have them open their eyes, and fractionate a few more times until both you and they know that they've got it (this is your small win).


"The more that you use it, the better it works."

"Deeper, faster, better than ever before."

Properly Emerge them from Trance - Do a full and thorough emergence from Trance, counting up from one to five and mentioning "that I'd normally just count from one to three but we're going to need some extra numbers because you're so deeply hypnotised."

Test your RT while they aren't in Trance - Give them same instructions as above, to look deeply into your eyes and fire off the RT and observe their reactions. Act with complete confidence, they have already proven their ability to go into trance on command, now you are simply reinforcing it. Repeat this a few more times until they are thoroughly fractionated. Give them positive, empowering suggestions and frame their future success.

Tell them they did great, that they have a real skill at this. Give them a sense of accomplishment and pride in what they've just achieved and frame it as "the power of their mind" and a resounding success. Make your praise genuine and heartfelt.

Ask them:

_"Do you want to go into trance, again?" _- notice the presupposition that they've already been hypnotised.

Don't dilly-dally here, bring her out for less than a minute or two, but do not really allow her the time to break the flow, just keep rolling! Remember that subjects are still in trance for several minutes even after they have exited Trance and are still powerfully suggestible, so use this time to project confidence and frame the experience they've just had in a positive way, and one that will enable her to go incredibly deep the next time she is hypnotised.

Now it's time to move on to the actual Work :) Well done!


Now we have our "Small Win" - now that she knows the process works, and has had experience, the next time she goes into trance she will go much, much deeper. I still like to throw in some thought clearing exercises during the next Phase though.

Step 4: The Real Work

This is Level 1, and you might like to think of the best way to imagine what's going to happen next as the basically the Plot from the movie "Inception". This is not an exact script, but a series of touchstones so that you can brush against them and add in your own life and skill and experiences to make it so much better.

Induce a deep state of Trance using their previously practiced RT. - You might like to stack a deepener and perform some depth testing here, but honestly they should still be very deep from all the Fractionation in the previous section.

Have them "find themselves" on the Beach - Use the words "find yourself ..." rather than "Imagine ..." or "Visualise yourself ..." as some have difficulty with visualising. You can use any similarly relaxing scene but I like to combine this with the "Waves on a Beach" thought clearing exercise. Walk along the beach until you come across a quiet, safe and secluded spot. Then have her sit down and relax back into you, and give her the command to go into Trance (her RT).


"Find yourself at the beach, and I am with you. The weather is perfect, and we decide to sit for a while facing the water and practice the trigger I've just given you."

Fire off the trigger and hypnotise her within trance.

Have her "find herself in the Corridor of Infinite Possibility". This is Level 2. (Would it be beneficial here to have them "open their eyes only in trance and find themselves" instead? Someone experiment with it and get back to me.)

Describe the Corridor in great detail - the doors to the past stretching off to the left, the doors to the future stretching off to the right, how beautiful and safe and wonderful they are here "outside of time itself".

Have them turn to the left, and begin to walk along the corridor, deeper and deeper into the past. Walking past the the doors marked with all the years of their life. See Mark Cunningham's work for further details.

Don't neglect the small addition of when they reach the door that marks the year of their birth, they "step forward and leaving <THEIR NAME> behind, we continue down the corridor, deeper and deeper into the past." Reports are it works extremely well.

Think of the whole Corridor concept like those corridors in the second Matrix movie, that run behind reality, or the backdoor in a computer system. Think of it as a backdoor in computer code, think of it as walking in parallel to their life, in this way it is subtly different from regression in that there is much more fine grained control over the moment of taking on the desired feelings from the past.)


"Find yourself in the Corridor of Infinite Possibility, and turn left and walk back into the past and behind each door is a year of your life." (Bruno suggests using a door for each day, instead of each year and I agree this does give more fine grained results.)


"stepping past the year of your birth and leaving <THEIR NAME> behind, we continue together down the corridor, deeper and deeper into the past."

Take them back well past their life and their birthday, "the doors become older and older."

Step out through the Door and find yourself outside a Walled City - Take them into the new reality, outside the walled City, through the Market, and to the Bathhouse.

The Bathhouse - This is where she's scrubbed "in a private, safe, secluded and sacred area where you are helped to undress". They do not undress her, "you decide to undress yourself and they simply help you to undress" - (remind them that they serving girls only help them to undress and they go with them into the water so they feel safe and comfortable.)

The female servants of the house go with you into the warm water of the natural hot springs (?)

(Don't tell the subject this: The goal is to scrub away their old selves and the clothes of their old associations, and to "clean the outside as well as inside".)

Then a long, slow massage.

Dress them in comfortable soft robes of silk, and leave the door out through the back of the bathhouse and walk into the garden.

The Garden

Have them walk out of the back door of the Bathhouse in new clothes, washed and "scrubbed clean on the inside and out", and find themselves in a beautiful Garden.


"And here you find me in the Garden, waiting for you on a bench. As you walk through the garden, you realise that you can smell ever plant, every flower there is. It's as though your senses are heightened, highlighted, enhanced, (emphasize the process of "Cleansing" and purifying both inside and out.)

"You feel as though you have been reborn, and everything smells better, looks better, tastes better, etc"

In the Garden, Hypnotise them again

Similar to what you did with them on the Beach, you sit down with them and hypnotise them again using their RT.


"As you sit next to me, how wonderful you feel, how excited you are with this new life (language here should be in the present tense) and you are excited by the new life that is coming to you, laid out before you. And you ask me to make this even more enjoyable for you, and to put you into Trance again." Fire off her RT, (bonus points if you can make her ask for it) and it's time for Level 3.

Find themselves in a Forest - Level 3

We're going to do a little Blind Therapy here, this explains the rather generic nature and deliberate nonspecific's of what comes next. You'll notice almost all the change here is self-defined by the subconscious. That is deliberate and contributes greatly to the effectiveness of the process. Have her find herself in a Forest, walking down a path.


"You find yourself in a Forest, walking down a Path and you come to a fork in the path. There's a path going up to the left, and a path going down to the right. Which path are you going to take?"

Pause here, and wait for her to reply audibly. Have her choose a path, and whichever path it is, tell her it's the correct one.

And then you feel there is something important for you in that forest, something hidden there for you. Start looking for it, look behind the trees, look behind the rocks, maybe there's a secret passage.

Their subconscious mind will imagine all of this. Ask them: "Have you found the passage yet? If yes, continue on. If no, prompt them until they can find it. This can sometimes be tricky, don't be too hard on yourself if they can't.

Have them find a secret passage and go deep underground. There's a tunnel there, lit with a warm comforting glow. It feels safe and feels kind of mysterious and there is something there waiting for you something important. (Create that anticipation, build expectation!)

"Something is there for you, something which will help you, something important for you to know."

Then have them go to a room. "Find yourself in a room and there is a chest in that room."

"Is it closed, or locked or open?"

Have them tell you (most of the time it's closed) which one it is. Have them look around, there must be a way to open it, so have them look around for a key.

Have them find a key, and open that Chest. "There is something for you in that Chest, you don't have to tell me what it is, but you know it's for you. Take it and look at it. It was there waiting for you, and it was important, right?"

Wait for them to confirm.

(All of the above looks like ti would work well within my purpose of Training Slavegirls. Have what they discover to be "Submission" or "the Heart of a Slavegirl" or similar. Something singular but lifechanging that they will interpret in a way in alignment with your Training Goals for them.)

Have them choose whether they want to take it with them, or leave it there. Have them make their choice, put it back, take it with them, whatever.

Then have them go back outside the Forest and find themselves in this Space, and a beautiful Door appears.

Pass through the Door, and find yourself on top of a Mountain. Say "The air is fresh and crisp, and you can feel how pure it is, and take a big breath and you enjoy a clean, pure breath of air."

We are creating helpful associations with the outcome desired. If you were talking about Fears, you use something different, likely the opposite of Fear (which would be Freedom).

You enjoy it so much that you decide to sit on top of the Mountain and look out to the Horizon.

Look out to the Horizon, which is your Future and feel how good it is. The fresh air, you don't feel the cold, although it is very cold. There is snow everywhere, the air is so crisp and pure and so clear. Really enjoy that, and take another deep deep breath to go with you. Walk back to the Door, and pass through it.

Find yourself back on the Beach.

Unwind by walking back along the beach, creating another Door and having her walk through that to find herself wherever she actually is. Emerge her as per normal with positive suggestions for permanent change.

Note: You need to be present for the Critical moments, but this does have the effect of creating a Bond between yourself and the subject. This can be desirable depending on what it is that you're training them for (service, submission, etc). If less of a Bond is required, then only insert yourself at Critical Moments - when she is hypnotised between each level, and at the moment of opening the Chest (of actual change / transformation).

The Rough Diagram of what you are actually doing looks something like this:

Her sitting in the chair - Objective Reality

Use RT, find herself on the Beach - Level 1

Walk along the beach, sit down in a quiet spot and hypnotise her again using RT

Find herself outside the Walled City - Level 2

Walk through the Market, the City, to the Bathhouse.

Undressed, scrubbed inside and out. Dressed in fine clothes, and exit the Bathhouse Back Door into the Garden.

Wander through the Garden, come across me sitting on the bench.

Use RT, find herself in the Forest - Level 3


Then have them go to a Forest and choose a path when they walk.

Have them find a chest, which contains a special gift just for them..

Have them wander out of the forest, and find a Door

Take them to a mountaintop, where they "breathe in the crisp, clean air".

Sit on top of the mountain, look out to the horizon, implant positive suggestions.

Go back to the Bathhouse, it's closed up "fresh and ready and cleaned up ready for a new day".

Go back to the Market, "its deserted now, closed down and cleaned up and pure and refreshed and ready for a new day".

Walk outside the Walled City, "say the word "Door" and a beautiful door appears." Step through the door and have her bring back with her the energy, the experiences, the pleasure and the pride of an entire lifetime of perfect <WHATEVER YOU HAVE TRAINED HER FOR>."

Go back into the corridor, have her push the energy back into all the years of their life as per normal, beginning with the year of her birth and then all the years of her life as you walk back up the corridor together. Find the Door marked <CURRENT YEAR>

Think of it as movement in the Vertical (Deeper) sense and in the Horizontal (moving within the level of Trance) sense.

Come back to the Door of the <CURRENT YEAR>, walk through it, and find themselves on the Beach.

Walk back up the Beach, hand in hand, excited and happy with how her life has changed completely.

NOTE: Remember not to skip any of the steps when you bring them out, so that they don't get confused or disoriented.

PHASE 4: Testing your Work

A lot of people are very uncertain about actually testing their work once the subject has emerged from trance. Don't be shy in testing and validating your work, but be careful not to set up your subject for failure. In certain situations (mostly mitigated by doing the two separate inductions this time) the subject can reject all of the experiences because their experience is trance does not match their perception of what they believe they should have experienced as trance. Follow the directions here, and the chances of that are unlikely.

It's very important for the subject for them to see that the work was actually done.

It is far better for the person to have their first positive experience in their new Objective Reality right there in your office.

"Do you see how fast and easy it is to work with hypnosis?"

"Did you enjoy the reinduction trigger?"

"Did you like how quick and effective it was?"

"Now you have a trigger that you can use with any hypnotist (preferably a trained hypnotist) and save twenty minutes for them to induce a trance, you can work with them and grow and improve your life even more, only when it's safe for you to do so."

Don't say anything to create doubt in your subject, but frame them as having done - and been responsible - for all the work.

Note: Expect a LOT of disorientation and Time Distortion from this technique when executed directly.

Appendix A: Preframing Notes

Create a Success Story

Tell them "you used to have this thing that you wanted to change, and now you're the opposite of that. So quickly and easily!" Create a Narrative around them that has its basis in believable pseudo-logic.

DON'T say anything that will cast doubt on your work.

"Can you see any circumstance in which you would smoke again?"

Create a Success Story (basically a simple narrative they can latch onto to reaffirm their success.)

There's no decision involved, there's no mistake to be made, being a Non-smoker / Slavegirl is a State.

Create a Success Story, and make them feel proud of what they've just done, and emphasize that they have done all the work, and they can now enjoy all the benefits of the changes they have made.

Appendix B: Expanding your Business and Clientele

When you succeed with them, encourage them to bring other people to you.

They will seek you out to make changes for them.

The Small Win = The Overall Success of the Session

The Big Win = The Subject bringing you more Subjects, and spreading your reputation far and wide.


This is also where communication, pre-scene negotiation and information gathering come into it to create a deep, powerful change and a meaningful scene.

Have them rehearse seeing themselves telling everyone their story, and you can give my information to them directly and I'd be happy to work with them.

Right after they've emerged from Trance is the perfect time to expand your business in an Ethical Way. You want to generate new sessions with existing subjects, and expand your reach and the influence of your work.

There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • Book them for another session before this one even ends, before they've even paid for it.
  • Encourage them to come back for another amazing session.
  • Get them to open up about another issue they want to work on.
  • Get them to refer you to their friends as part of the session.
  • Have them write a testimonial for you.

Appendix C: Loose Sections and Unsorted Notes and Ideas

(Could you "Fake out" an emergence and then when in the Corridor have her step into the future and see herself at the end of the session, all changes made and perfect and powerful and fully immersed in the experience, then bring her back into the Corridor, having her bring back with her that experience of being a complete success on emergence, then bring her back to the actual moment in Objective Reality and them Emerge as per normal. Kind of a ultra-powerful Future Pacing?

**If it's someone you want to establish a **BOND with that person, then you put yourself into the visualisation. If you do not - for example if you are training someone for someone else, you might put them in there instead.

and walk past it, one <day, week, month, year> into the future, lean down and peek through the keyhole of the Door (this functions as a very good "imagine it but don't really go fully into the experience" cue (how does this affect the experience, and the desired effect?) then have them step through the door and live a day in their new perfect life, a week, then a month, then a year. Step back out, into the corridor, and walk a little further ahead and walk through another door three <days, weeks, months, years> into their future and see the changes there happening and real.

Note would it be possible to combine this with some variation of "Future Breadcrumbs", have them, while they are in the wonderful and glorious future you've described and designed for them, look back and see all the things that had to happen for them, in the right order and leave glowing golden breadcrumbs to mark the significant events and points that led to them being here, so they only ever have to close their eyes and those breadcrumbs will stretch out before them along their timeline, and they'll know exactly what they have to do next and love doing it?