The Training Process that I would use is thorough and process-driven.

**"Finding the Diamond within." - **Phase 1 would consist of Information Gathering. A Formal Interview with a series of structured questions designed to elicit introspective thought and to approach every area of desired improvement from multiple angles to ensure both accuracy and truthfulness. I would almost completely discard any previous information gleaned from conversation, rumour and my own personal experience, and focus on the outcome. Any inconsistencies in her responses would be queried with you and confirmed before moving forward. This interview process takes anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours.

We'd then sit down and discuss one-on-one and between the three of us the behaviours you desired to see in her more, "behaviours and pain points" you'd like to remove, areas she herself would like to work on. These would be hammered and refined into Goals, Protocols (what to do) and Policies / Etiquette (how to do it), documented and formed into the beginnings of a conditioning protocol.

The outcome of Phase 1 is a clear roadmap for her improvement towards a set of well defined behaviours and personality characteristics (doing and being).

**"Removing the imperfections in the stone." - **Phase 2 would consist of creating what I call a "Trainable Girl". I would take her into trance (fully clothed, sitting in a comfortable chair in my home), deeply and repeatedly, conditioning her for responsiveness and skill with accepting commands and acting upon suggestion. Then her and I would work together to reduce or eliminate any issues that would interfere with her full self-actualisation. Clearing up the Negativity from her past would free up energy, emotions and resources for use in accomplishing the Training Goals. Systems would be installed deeply to prevent the excessive buildup of stress and to allow her to "vent" it automatically through a simple daily ritual.

Some Philosophy - I imagine each person to exist on a line, a spectrum of sorts. The goal is to move them as far along that line as they are willing to go towards their idealised self. This idealised self is a combination of extrapolations of current favourable personality characteristics, desired training goals (from yourself and her) and obedience to certain natural truths.

The outcome of Phase 2 is a fresh, clean and fully resourceful state from which to move forward, with no significant contraindications to the goals of Phase 1. This prevents inaccuracies in training, eliminates potential conflict within the girl before it has a chance to harm her, and speeds up the process immensely.

**"Polishing the Stone." - **Phase 3 consists of deeply embedding the desired goals, required emotional states and behavioural directives into the girls subconscious and fleshing out those new imperatives with conscious rehearsal. This is what most people would think of as the actual "Training". Several sessions are taken to create the circumstances within a girls experiences in trance to seamlessly prepare for the skills she will require to serve in accordance with the designs laid out. The actual skills and prerequisites are trained in here. A Daily Self-Care and Conditioning Routine is installed, to strengthen the hold of her training, and she is rewarded and punished for compliance to her Protocols by a system of automatic mechanisms installed during Phase 2. This phase can include her listening to recordings, daily mantras, reviewing her Protocols, and any number of follow up activities as needed.

A girl who has graduated Phase 3 will be the epitome and height of her craft. She is fiercely loyal, intelligent, driven and has an intuitive understanding of the deeper philosophies of service as well as her Masters defined needs.

**"Setting the Stone in your Crown." - **Phase 4 is a continual process of training, exploration and renewal. Now that she has ascended to your ideal vision for a slavegirl, it is you who is the limiting factor in the relationships growth. Phase 4 consists of "training her, to train you" -- utilising her knowledge of you and the tools she has been taught, to teach you, advise you in your own growth, further integrate her service into your life, and guide you into being the very best Man and Master you can be. She will be an exceptional woman in every aspect of her life, a true prize able to serve just as flawlessly at a church wedding as she could in a whorehouse.

Thus is the circle complete -- a girl who operates as extension of your will, fully self-contained and with her needs mapped and satisfied, and a Master whose daily life is improved infinitely by her mere presence.