As part of my research for developing the upcoming Class on Training your Submissive I've taken a broad and in-depth look at behaviour reinforcement mechanisms. Effective reinforcement mechanisms are the cornerstone of some of the training methods I will be presenting during the Class. It falls to you as the Trainer to quickly and effectively determine the most beneficial reward mechanisms with which to train your Supporter.

A Brief Sidenote - A few of you might have noticed that I have taken to using the word Supporter in place of "Bottom, Submissive or Slave" and the term Leader in place of "Top, Dominant or Master" in some of my writing and teaching. This all relates to an upcoming Class I have planned on Sustainable D/s Dynamics.

The Five Love Languages test is one I've found very useful and easy to apply for determining simple effective reward mechanisms. My usual methodology is to explain and assign the test, then determine the two most desired Languages from their results (out of a potential of 5 - Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch) then reward / reinforce desired training outcomes by cycling through a variety of expressions of those two preferred languages (variability keeps things interesting, for both of us both and improves the desirability of the reward. This is in addition to the normal affection given daily as part of a normal Leader / Supporter Ownership relationship.