Hypnotic Technique - Golden Trail of Breadcrumbs

When used: with a subject who was having difficulty seeing the future, and wants clear and specific guidance about what to do next. Powerfully recruits the subconscious mind to ease tension, soothe anxiety, and provide guidance on a level in harmony with the subjects original blueprint and natural state of being.

The subject will need a goal, I suggest you speak with them before the session and suggest that the goal is to find the direction and purpose of their life, or ask them if there is a specific goal they wish to work on.

Technique outline: induce a deep state of trance and verify depth have the subject drift up and out of their body wherever they are and see themselves from above have the subject drift forward through time until they are at the moment when they have accomplished their specified goal have the subject slipped down into the body of who they are in that moment in the future have the subject look back through time and consciously and unconsciously see all of the steps that led to this moment have the subject pay particular attention to each step moving from future back into the past one step at a time have the subject while deep in trance sprinkle golden breadcrumbs at each significant step along the pathway to mark it clearly. Other mechanisms like paint, or a golden energy can be used. For best success use something significant to the subject to mark each key junction point along the path. Have the subject move from the past back into the future checking and experiencing each success they've marked along the way verify and validate the experiences as felt have the subject feel happiness and joy at accomplishing the goal and give a sense of certainty and hope fix all golden marks in place as subject drifts up out of their future self have the subject look back and see the marked path clearly Move the subject through time into the moment of now, bring them back down into the body, rewarded with joy and happiness and verify the experience while entrance test and verify while entrance have subject open eyes and verify while still entrance have subject close eyes and emerge from trance with positive suggestions check back in after one week

Example Script:

Paragraph gaps indicate a pause, and wait for the subject to respond with a smile before continuing.

Trance is assumed.

And now that you're in a wonderfully deep state of trance, and your mind is relaxed, open, and responding naturally and easily to my voice it's time for us to do what we came here to do. It's time for both of us to work together to help your mind find direction and clarity from within itself. I'm going to use all of my skills as a hypnotist to guide you through this easy and powerful process and as you follow along with my voice you'll feel the warmth of knowing your clever mind is doing this, for you. And if I ever give you a suggestion that is not in your highest good I want your mind to simply let it pass by without affecting you in any way, and I'll understand, and know that you and your mind are working with me to create a direction that is always and only ever in your highest good. While you remain perfectly responsive and deeply hypnotised, and while your body is sitting or lying here in this chair I want your mind to drift up and out of your body and look down and see yourself as though you're floating above your body and smile as you do. Drift up and out of your body and unplug your mind from your body and look down and see yourself sitting there in the chair and smile as you do.

Wait for the subject to smile then continue.

Now you can easily allow your mind to drift forward through time until you find the moment where you know that you've accomplished your goal,. When you've found the direction you are looking for. You know because you can feel it in your bones in that moment, it feels right and natural. Allow your mind to drift forward and find that moment in the future when you accomplish that goal and smile gently when you're in that moment so that I know.

Wait for the subject to smile then continue.

Drift down now into the you of the future. See and sense and feel the you of the future having accomplished that goal, feeling how it's changed you. Let those feelings grow stronger. And as you look back through the past you see a trail of moments, the key points that had to happen, that you made happen to get you to where you are now having accomplished that goal. Now there's a way of marking, or highlighting, or drawing attention to those moments that means the most to your mind, a way that has the most significance to your mind of marking each of those key points so they stand out clearly. Perhaps it's glowing light, perhaps it's a handful of pixie dust and your mind knows the most powerful and effective way to highlight each of those moments so you will recognise them when they happen. I want you to walk back gently through time now, and scatter a handful of dust at each key moment marking each one clearly so that as you look back into the past you see a line of golden breadcrumbs, marking the way forward into a bright and glorious future, highlighting and drawing your attention to each key moment along the path to accomplishing your goal. Making each key moment clear and visible to both your conscious and unconscious mind. Take the time to fix each key moment with a golden glowing marker and make sure that really sticks and give me a little smile as you do each one, and then when you've done all of them and you know that each one of them is clearly marked you can give your head a little nod so I can see.

Observe smiles, and wait for a subject to nod.

As you stand now in the future and look back you see the pathway that led you to where you are having accomplished your goal, the path that is right for you, the pathway that takes advantage of your inner skills and strengths, the pathway that feels right for you to take at the very core of you and in keeping with your original blueprint, for your highest self, and in the good of your highest self, you see that pathway marked clearly. And you also see alternatives here and there so that even if something happens you can easily find your way back to the path and adapt, you can handle it, and you can find a way forward, moving ever forward towards that goal. And as you look back and see that pathway clearly marked, simply smile for me so that I know that you can see it and feel it and experience it clearly.

Observe subject smiling, then continue.

And now drift up and out of your future self smiling as you do and look forward to meeting them soon. Drift back through time to the moment of right now and before you drift back down into your body and reunite your heart, your spirit and your soul, take a moment to look forward into the future and see the pathway marked clearly. The pathway that you will follow, the pathway that you will enjoy following, the pathway that takes advantage of all your strengths and gifts, leading directly towards what is good for your highest self, and what is in the interests of your highest self. Because your conscious and unconscious minds are now operating in harmony, a powerful companionship and working together to move you forward each day, automatically, noticing and observing each of those golden checkpoints as you move past them towards your goal. And when you know that this is true for you now, and will be true for you from this moment onwards, then you can allow your mind to drift back down into your body and reconnect with the now. And take a moment to centre yourself before you open your eyes and look deeply into my eyes.

Give subject positive and empowering suggestions, and confirm their experience.

Now close your eyes and drift even more deeply into trance. Your experiences here today have proved to you that your mind is powerful and good, that your mind is free of corruption, distraction, that your mind and body, your heart and spirit and soul, are now operating in perfect alignment with your highest good. Your highest good is listening to your heart and the small quiet voice inside of yourself that tells you to love yourself, that tells you to be good to yourself, that tells you to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself, and that tells you that no matter what happens you can handle it. No matter what happens you can handle it. You will find a way or you will make one and you know now that your goals and dreams are just the beginning. You feel a tingle of excitement in your fingers and toes as you gradually become aware of your body, on the count of three I'd like you open your eyes locking in each and every one of my powerful suggestions, only in the way that is best for you, and discarding any suggestions that aren't in your highest good.

Complete emergence from trance with positive suggestions.

Congratulate yourself, you're doing good work.