First, learn how to say no to people. Second, learn effective strategies for meeting your needs, Third, develop an empowering personal philosophy. Fourth, learn more about being a man.

The first thing we'll do is teach you about your Boundaries and how to say no to people - because if you can't say no to people, you can't ever really say yes to the things in life that truly make YOU happy. This can be a scary thing, but you'll get through it. We'll discuss how to find and define boundaries with yourself and with others. Then we'll build an empowering Personal Philosophy of Life, that encourages strength and reflects your masculine nature, embraces who you are and what makes you feel happy, complete and powerful as a man. Its a simple, staged process that builds on itself. The resource's in this list have been chosen because they are: cheap, accessible and easy to read. Study them in order from top to bottom and you'll notice how the concepts all fit together and build on the topics that came before.

Foundational Essentials

Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy - You. Must. Read. This. Book.

No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover - ESSENTIAL and Highly Recommended

Dating Essentials for Men by Dr Robert Glover

Personal Philosophy

The Art of Saying No by Damon Zahariades

The Courage to be Disliked by Fumitake Koga

A Guide to the Good Life by William Irvine

Understanding Masculinity and being a Good Man

The Way of Men by Jack Donovan

Becoming a Barbarian by Jack Donovan

A More Complete Beast by Jack Donovan

Iron John by Robert Bly

Dating and Relationships

BradP's Entire Body of Work - A comprehensive curriculum on pickup and game.

Game by Roosh - The single best book that exists on Game. Currently out of print, I've included a copy in the Downloads folder.

The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones - The best book on managing relationships.