Hypnosis is a complex skillset, and for that reason not all of it's different facets (Erotic, Therapeutic, Stage, Comedy, etc) need to be grasped before you actually start practising with a partner, merely the fundamentals. The basic skills of a successful and effective Hypnosis Session include how to establish authority, how to set up a session, establish boundaries, negotiate content, induce trance, deliver on the experience, handle any negative reactions, and emerge with positive suggestions. Adding extra techniques from the Erotic or Therapeutic fields (if have been appropriately trained by a qualified professional) can come after a solid basis of experience has been established. For that, any one of the books below in the Introductory Texts will do, there is no need to read all of them as there is a significant overlap in content covered.

A Note of Caution: Some of these Therapeutic based techniques are significantly more powerful than simple direct suggestion and can result in changes that are difficult to undo. Always consider the end goal, the capabilities and desires of yourself and your subject, and your technical abilities and moral character when going deeper into longer term change. My solid advice to you is to always learn how to UNDO an effect, before you learn how to apply it - and to only apply effects that you personally know how to undo. If you get stuck and need a hand - contact me for advice using the contact page.

Notable Authors: Micheal Yapko, Melissa Tiers, Graham Old, The Rogue Hypnotist, Milton Erickson, Steven Heller, C Roy Hunter, Chase Hughes.

Hypnosis Books - Beginners / Introductory Level Texts

Almost anything by The Rogue Hypnotist but especially How to Hypnotise Anyone

The Inductions Masterclass (A set of 6 books) by Graham Old

Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis by Micheal Yapko

Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change by Melissa Tiers

Hypnosis Books - Intermediate and Advanced Level Texts

Once you've mastered the basics and have 4 - 6 months of SOLID practice under your belt with either Erotic or Non-Erotic Hypnosis (lets be honest, most of you are probably here to learn how to give your partner wild, incredible orgasms) you can move on to these:

Mostly PracticalThe Discriminating Therapist by Micheal Yapko The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy by C. Roy Hunter My Voice Will Go With You by Milton Erickson The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behaviour by Chase Hughes Don't Look in His Eyes by Jonathon Chase Taking Hypnosis to the Next Level: Valuable Tips for Enhancing Your Clinical Practice by Micheal Yapko

Mostly TheoreticalMonsters and Magical Sticks: There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis? by Steven Heller Your Perception is Reality by Micheal C. White Provocative Hypnosis by Jorgen Rasmussen Reality is Plastic: The Art of Impromptu Hypnosis by Anthony Jacquin

Further General Hypnosis Educational Resources

A Free Introductory Audio Program on Hypnosis - "Hypnosis Exposed"

Get the audio lectures here - A free set of three audio lectures, explaining to the complete beginner what Trance and Hypnosis is, and how to create it.

Learning General Hypnosis - The HLSS Cards

Get these Cards - They are free ($6 for shipping) and they come with a series of videos on their use. They are the single most effective tool I have found for creating and teaching effective hypnotists, and this includes erotic hypnotists. (Though the cards themselves are not erotic in nature, it's very simple to layer in erotic content when you practice). Buy them, use them. You will have to click through a few pages of marketing fluff on the website to get to the purchase page, just scroll down and move forward. They are worth it.