Learning Erotic Hypnosis is easy, fun and safe - you read the right books in the right order, practice frequently with a partner you trust, learn to go into trance yourself so you know what it feels like, and avoid the pitfall of too much reading and theory, and not enough action and practice. Within 3 months, you can go from know-nothing beginner to accomplished intermediate.

I did a whole Podcast specifically on Learning Erotic Hypnosis, check that out for more details and a full learning pathway.

When it comes to learning, reading one book properly is worth a thousand disjointed tumblr posts.

The most important thing

The most important thing to remember is this: Erotic Hypnosis is just a subset of ordinary Hypnosis Techniques with some sexy content thrown in - the same techniques still apply (Erotic Hypnosis can be considered a subset of a broader category of "Hypnosis" of which Stage and Therapeutic work are also subsets). Learning general hypnosis will make you a better erotic hypnotist - once that solid,practised hypnotic technique is combined with some awesome, sexy content. Take inspiration from everywhere - I myself have taken inspiration for some of my best Scenes from Nanotechnology, the physics of how stars form and function, the growth of plants, how to knit, Harry Potter (Imperius Curse anyone?), the TV show Tru Blood (Vampirism and being drained of will and strength, compulsion, ownership and hierarchy - this show is a gold mine), Pharmacology, books, movies, broader or famous scenes in media. You can use anything you and your partner enjoy to take both of you on a journey of fun, domination, sexy awakening, or just plain old brainwashing.

Below you will find a fairly comprehensive list of hypnosis and erotic hypnosis specific textbooks and written resources, the result of many years of my own reading, study and research. For further content on the subject of Erotic Hypnosis check out the Links page for some good EH podcasts, websites and other useful software, educational resources, etc. Mark Cunninghams Essential Renegade Hypnosis is good but definitely not for people without a strong foundational skillset and a developed sense of ethics.

Notable Authors: James Gordon, LeeAllure, Mark Wiseman, Peter Masters, Flagg, Joseph Crown.

Foundational Texts

TLDR: Pick any one of these three, depending on which one appeals to you the most. "Mastering Erotic Hypnosis" is a classic textbook, with each part of the book broken into sections and covers a wider range of specific hypnofetish niches like Puppy / Kitty Transformations, Robotisation, and more hypnotic phenomena as does "Mind Play". The other introductory text on the subject by Peter Masters is shorter, tightly written and very easy to apply - important in an introductory text designed to be USED, not simply read.

Mastering Erotic Hypnosis by James Gordon

Look Into My Eyes by Peter Masters

Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis by Mark Wiseman

Specialised and Optional Books

For teaching Erotic Hypnosis Classes

The Mind Play Study Guide by Mark Wiseman

An Introduction to Brainwashing and Conditioning

The Brainwashing Book by Sleepingirl

Creating Hypnotic Amnesia

Hypnotic Amnesia: The Book You Remember on How to Forget by LeeAllure

Mindfucks and Edgeplay with Hypnosis

The Forked Tongue Revisited: A handbook for treating people badly by Flagg

Combining Sex and Erotic Hypnosis

The Art of Erotic Hypnosis by C. Charles - Not great, listed here for completeness.

For an Introduction to Hypnosis and combining it with Kink, Fetishism and BDSM

Beyond Games of Trance by Alex Tsander (Direct Download in "Downloads - Hypnosis" section)

Managing a Hypnosis-based Relationship

The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers by Joseph Crown

Safety Note - Joseph Crowns sections on creating "alters" can cause permanent and dangerous side effects. Avoid using those techniques unless you have been specifically trained in them by a Professional and understand how to resolve and dissolve them. If you require assistance in undoing them or the work of other hypnotists, use the Contact page to get in touch.

Further Erotic Hypnosis Educational Resources

The Essential Renegade Hypnosis by Mark Cunningham

Purchase it here. An Intermediate-level video and audio course of study detailing a proven process to use erotic hypnosis to create more empowered and more sensual women and men. Ignore marketing page, this stuff works, it works incredibly well, and its a core part of my relationships. He's an excellent Hypnotist but his stuff will be completely incomprehensible unless you already know how the pieces work, so study other stuff first then come to this later. He's a pioneer and trailblazer in this field, an all around great guy and is actively developing some cutting edge stuff.

A Free Introductory Audio Program on Hypnosis - "Hypnosis Exposed"

Get the audio lectures here - A free set of three audio lectures, explaining to the complete beginner what Trance and Hypnosis is, and how to create it.

Learning General Hypnosis - The HLSS Cards

Get these Cards - They are free ($6 for shipping) and they come with a series of videos on their use. They are the single most effective tool I have found for creating and teaching effective hypnotists, and this includes erotic hypnotists. (Though the cards themselves are not erotic in nature, it's very simple to layer in erotic content when you practice). Buy them, use them. You will have to click through a few pages of marketing fluff on the website to get to the purchase page, just scroll down and move forward. They are worth it.