This list was made for the legions of Heterosexual Male Dominants out there not currently being given any real guidance in how to progress in their relationships or in their development and evolution as Powerful, Worthy Dominants. There is a lot out there for Gay Men, for Leather (Dr Bob Rubel is an excellent source for information into that particular subculture) but the huge majority of growing and upcoming Dominants are not being welcomed into the Harmonious Relationships, the Happiness, the Power and Ownership that is their birthright as Men, and this list is for them.

Many good Male Self-Improvement and Business texts are also very valuable, particularly ones around improving your Executive abilities.

Note: After being Vanilla comes Dominance, after Dominance comes Mastery. Even if a Dominant chooses not to go deeply into Mastery (and that is his right, it is a very full-on life and the overwhelming majority of people will be truly happier as Dominants), it is still very valuable for him to have an understanding of the area and take what practices and concepts he might wish to take from it. In that respect LT Morrisons books are pure diamonds and highly recommended.

Every single one of these books must be read in order to cover the full range of skills an effective Dominant will require in their Ownership and Use of another Human. Every book on Core Texts list is essential and not a single one can be skipped. Once the Core Curriculum has been read, there are further books listed for teaching and training Submissives in specific areas of competency. A similar themed required reading list for Submissives is included below. Much effort has been made to eliminate any texts that are anti-male - if you encounter the occasional paragraph of SJW nonsense in the books below, rest assured they are by far the best of the possible options and skip over those sections completely with my blessing.

Foundational Books

Without further ado, the texts in order of reading (from top to bottom):

No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr Robert Glover

Dating Essentials for Men by Dr Robert Glover

Dom's Guide to Submissive Training by Elizabeth Cramer

The Heart of Dominance by Anton Fulmen

Care and Nurture for the Submissive by Elizabeth Cramer

Real Service by Joshua Tenpenny

Igniting the Fire by Master Arcane

Devil in the Details: The Art of Mastery by LT Morrison (A Trilogy)

Specialised and Optional Books

High Protocol Dynamics

The Ritual of Dominance and Submission by David English

Structuring a Household around Service Dynamics

The Rule of Saint Benedict by Saint Benedict

Order for Discipline and Service Handbook by Mr McG (more expensive alt. link)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen Covey

On the Nature and Transfer of Control

The Control Book by Peter Masters

Introduction to Rope Bondage

Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes by The Two Knotty Boys

Constructing your own Kink Toys

The Artisans Book of Fetishcraft by John Huxley

Total Ownership and Mindfucks

The Forked Tongue by Flagg

Sexual Fantasy and Roleplaying

Imaginative Sex by John Norman

Books to Avoid (low quality, incomplete information): Manual Creation by Master Fire, The Rules by Phil G, How to be a Healthy and Happy Submissive by Kate Kinsey.