I have a complete and free (no strings attached) audio program on using Erotic Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning to help create a healthy, fulfilling relationship. It's 2+ hours of audio and several printable templates that you can instantly use to begin training your partner.

You can download it here.

I've taught over a dozen in-person classes, published over 65,000+ words, and written two books. The following process is the one I would follow if I were a complete beginner, starting from scratch who wanted to learn erotic hypnosis simply, easily and with a minimum of fuss. If you want personalised tuition, email me here and set up a conversation.

First - take your learning seriously. Find others who also wish to seriously learn, disregard and ignore those who are not as committed as you. These skills are easy to learn. The format is the same as non-erotic hypnosis, just without the sexual content or intent. Form groups and small, local communities and practice and discuss frequently amongst each other. Setting up a group chat in Signal (preferred) or WhatsApp is an excellent idea.

The Process

  1. Go here and get these. Listen to the first one through 3 times, then the other two at least once.
  2. Buy these cards and watch the training videos. Get them here. Watch every instructional video at least 3 times, and spend a minimum of 3 full hours practising by yourself or with a solid, reliable partner. The Standard - You can move on when you can pick a theme, and spin at least 6 power words into a flow for at least 5 solid minutes, smoothly and naturally with minimal warm up.
  3. Spend at least an additional 30 minutes over multiple practice sessions doing the previous step, but adding "emotion" and "intent" into your voice. Picture your voice "bathing" the other person and moving up and down their body as they respond.
  4. Mark Cunningham has an excellent introductory program to Erotic Hypnosis, focussing on simple skills and a single induction, and bridging to building responsiveness and creating triggers, desired effects, clearing negativity and then advancing forward. You can buy it here and I highly recommend it. Just ignore the marketing-speak and skip straight to the bottom. His stuff is solid and its worth the investment. Study hard and master the content through practice.
  5. By now you are ready to start doing it "for realsies" with a partner and combining hypnosis and physical sex. Give suggestions for emptying their mind of thought, having them focus on your pleasure or on their pleasure, feeling proud of themselves, and feeling amazing. Take it slowly, discuss extensively before doing hypnosis, and debrief afterwards. Anton Fulmen has an excellent section in his book The Heart of Dominance that covers negotiating a scene. Buy his book. In a nutshell it's 7 Questions -- What do we want? What are our risks? What are our relevant limits and likely triggers? How will it start and how will it end? How will we maintain communication during? Who else will be involved and how? What happens after? I personally use these every time.
  6. Join a practice group -- that is, a group set up specifically to practise hypnosis. You can find plenty listed on Meetup.com, (just search for "hypnosis", "recreational hypnosis" or "erotic hypnosis" or start your own. It's easy, and you already have everything you need to begin practicing. Just skip the erotic stuff with people you aren't sleeping with for now and focus on general skills and themes like "becoming a more confident hypnotist" and "relaxation", etc.
  7. Buy a copy of the Mind Play Study Guide. This will give you everything you need to fuel a practice group and broaden your repertoire of technique. The Standard - Practice until you can do any three inductions easily, off the bat with no notes, and until you can create and collapse simple triggers, and give post hypnotic suggestions. Build your confidence and your skillbase, then advance.
  8. At this point, you can chart your own course. Common options for your next steps:
  9. Go deeper into Erotic Hypnosis with Mark Cunninghams Essential Rengade Hypnosis Curriculum. Again, ignore marketing-speak and skip straight to the end.
  10. Produce your own Hypnosis Recordings or record sessions you do with your subjects for your pleasure and theirs.
  11. Begin learning how to Train and Condition others.
  12. Read any of the Optional Books on Erotic Hypnosis or General Hypnosis in the Reading Lists on this site.

What to do now?

Join us! A worldwide network of high-level dominants, trainers and hypnotists are building a community designed specifically to to create real skill, teach useful techniques and share information and discussions openly. A place for people who take hypnosis, personal improvement, training and brainwashing seriously. Once we have enough people interested, we'll go live and public with it. For now, send me your email address using the Contact Page and enjoy this site and it's content.