I've gathered the most common needs people have here, along with the single best resource on that subject.

Enjoy, and remember - Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

The single Best Resource on ...

... becoming a Powerful and Effective Dominant is:

Igniting the Fire: The Art of Romantic Submission by Master Arcane

... being a Healthy and Happy Submissive is:

Care and Nurture for the Submissive by Elizabeth Cramer

... becoming a great Hypnotist (do this first) is:

Hypnotic Language Shortcut System + Videos by Igor Ledowchowski

... becoming an EROTIC Hypnotist (do this second) is:

The Power of Erotic Hypnosis by Mark Cunningham

... brainwashing your consenting Partner is:

The Brainwashing Book by Sleepingirl

... casual dating and picking up girls:

BradP's 3030 Club which is found here

... having fulfilling and rewarding relationships is:

The Unchained Man by Caleb Jones

... getting yourself out of being a Nice Guy and setting boundaries as a Man:

No More Mr Nice Guy by Dr Robert Glover

... treating your own Depression is:

Focusing on Feeling Good by Micheal Yapko