Creating your first recording or script, putting out a brainwashing slideshow, creating video or publishing your work for profit or pleasure, there is something here to save you time searching.

Microphone Hardware

Recording Lectures or Speeches

Lapel Microphone - Rode Lavalier GO

Voice Recorder - Anything by Sony here

Desktop Recording

What I have - Audiotechnica 2020USB+

This has probably been replaced with an updated model by now.

Also Excellent - Rode NT-USB


Outliner - Workflowy

First Draft - Cold Turkey Writer

Editing for General Use - Microsoft Word

Writing Long-Form (25K words +) - Scrivener

Editing for Online Publishing - Ghost or CommonMark


Editing (Basic) - Audacity or Ocenaudio

Editing (Complex, steep learning curve) - Ableton Live

Exporting to MP3 - LAME Encoder

Text to Speech - Balabolka or or WebHypnotist or TTSMp3

Generating Background Noise - MyNoise

Generating IsoChronic Tones - IsoChronic MyNoise

Free Audio Samples - Splice or Landr


Finding Source Images - ImageFap

Bulk Downloading Source Images - uGet or AntDM

Creating Brainwashing Images with Captions - MemeGenerator

Playing Brainwashing Slideshows - Flip-Flip (in Downloads Folder)

Creating Picture Loops and GIFs - Pixaloop


Editing Video (Basic) - Movavi

Throwing Content around on all devices - Plex


Hardware - Oculus Go Headset

Hardware (Super Budget Version) - Google Cardboard

Software for playing Experiences - Mind Massaging Machine

Software for creating Experiences - MMM Session Builder

Android VR Apps - Mindroid