Education and Workshops

I've released a free workshop on how to learn Erotic Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning and use it in your relationships. It's 2+ hours of audio, and several easy and simple templates you can print and instantly begin using to train your partner.

You can download it for free here.

Free Recordings

I have a number of free sessions, mostly for relaxation, pleasure, masturbation, and my gentle voice reading non-sexual bedtime stories.

Listen to my files here.

Podcast Episodes

I do an occasional podcast where I lay out dense topics in detail and it's well worth the listen. Mostly I cover Submissive Training and healthy relationship skills, and various areas of erotic hypnosis.

You can find the MindKink Podcast here.

Several Media Appearances

Listened to more than a million times, the largest of these went out over Australia's National Public Broadcasting Network, the ABC. As part of my tireless and ongoing work to bring combining hypnosis and sex into more mainstream acceptance and show it's benefits to everyone, as well as raise it's profile internationally I've done several media interviews and guest podcasts.

Listen to the interview here.

Paid Recordings

I have some paid recordings, centred around training you to worship, obey, serve, and submit in a healthy way. Oh, and orgasms.

Purchase recordings of my voice here.

Free Downloads Folder

Over my many years of involvement in hypnokink, I've collected a lot of weird and wonderful things from the dark corners of the internet. Printable templates on Dominance, books that are now out of print, resources on Submissive Training and Ownership, a number of complete D/s contracts, and information on everything from spanking to collars.

It's all been put in one place for a free download, for your convenience.

Find those free downloads here.

Generic Hypnotic Content Warning

Some of these audio files may contain sexual content and those should not be listened to if you are under the age of consent in your legal area.

It is your responsibility to always act in accordance with the law and it is your responsibility to be informed as to if and where those laws apply. Your mind is your responsibility.