Podcast + Audio Lessons

I publish a very popular podcast on Submissive Training, Sex Techniques and happy, healthy relationships. The Episodes on "The 12 Types of Female Orgasm" and "Basic Submissive Training" have been wildly popular. Search for "MindKink" on your podcast app.

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I've released a free workshop on how to learn Erotic Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning and use it in your relationships. It's 2+ hours of audio, and several easy and simple templates you can print and instantly begin using to train your partner.

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Erotic Hypnosis Sessions + Bedtime Stories

I have created a lot of free erotic hypnosis sessions, and I also read non-sexual bedtime stories. You can stream them at the link, or grab them all as .MP3's from the Downloads Folder.

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Downloads Folder

I have created a large folder of gathered books, notes, and useful resources from across the Internet and from Discord Servers. Printable templates on Dominance, books that are now out of print, resources on Submissive Training and Ownership, a number of complete D/s contracts, and information on everything from spanking to collars. You'll find .MP3's of my podcast episodes and all my Sessions as well as heaps of cool stuff.

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The MindKink Wiki

I have created a wiki of dozens of articles I've written on on Erotic Hypnosis, Submissive Training and D/s topics.

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Media Appearances

I have worked very hard and made personal sacrifices to shift the public perception of erotic hypnosis from "crazy weirdos" to "cool people doing fun, sexy things" and I've given several media interviews. This one went out to over a million people on Australia's National Radio Broadcaster, the ABC.

I talk about Erotic Hypnosis

Generic Hypnotic Content Warning

Some of these audio files may contain sexual content and those should not be listened to if you are under the age of consent in your legal area.

It is your responsibility to always act in accordance with the law and it is your responsibility to be informed as to if and where those laws apply. Your mind is your responsibility.