This page lists an overview of the Major Projects and branches of my work that is publicly available.

Free Audio Files

I have a number of free sessions, mostly for relaxation, pleasure, masturbation, and my gentle voice reading non-sexual bedtime stories. You’ll find them here.

Paid Audio Files

I have some paid recordings, centred around training you to worship, obey, serve, and submit in a healthy way. Oh, and orgasms. You’ll find them here.

Teaching Programs

I publish an excellent training program on how to use Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning to train your Submissive. You can find that here.

Learning Erotic Hypnosis

If you are interested in learning a simple, fun and effective pathway for becoming really good at erotic hypnosis, quickly, while minimising mistakes and blowback, you’ll find that here.

Private Community

If you are looking around at the various Discord Hypnokink Groups and thinking “what a bunch of juvenile timewasters, where are all the serious people doing this and having fun with it?”, the answer is they left there ages ago. I’m building a private community for education, socialisation and sexual connection (while not duplicating effort found elsewhere). If you would like to apply to join you can do by sending me a message using the contact form here.

Guides and Articles

I’ve published over 65,000+ words in a large number of in-depth guides and articles on community resources, links on various kink an BDSM topics. You’ll find them here.


I publish podcast episodes on different topics, episodes are thorough and in-depth. You’ll find that here.

Reading Lists / Learning Pathways

I’ve produced several in-depth reading lists on Dominance, Submission, Hypnosis and Erotic Hypnosis. You’ll find them here.

Hypnokink Resources Folder

There is a massive folder of all the resources I’ve carefully gathered and curated from the discord hypnokink scene, so you don’t have to wade through all that muck – just download this and grab the good stuff so you can get started using it. You can grab the whole thing from Dropbox here.

Contact Me

I welcome messages and contacts from everyone, but particularly those looking for advice, resources, or a Mentor. You can contact me by email at [email protected] or on Discord here. You can also use the contact form here to send a message.

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