Why Hypnosis and Sex work so well together

Have you ever had sex so good that thinking back on it now, it still makes you smile, sometimes years later?

Truly unforgettable sex is a combination of both the incredible Physical aspects, and the intense Mental aspects. Maybe the mood was right, maybe they were so hot for you that nothing else mattered, maybe you were both in a hotel room with no distractions, no phones and you really *connected*, showed someone your true self. It was better than anything you’ve ever had, and you’ve been trying to find your way back to it ever since.

Hypnosis allows for mental quiet. Trance creates an emptiness of thought that creates a space for your body to slide into and be fully awake and aware, fully present, without that annoying mental chatter and distraction. It’s just fingers and touch and breathless closeness and everything feels like it will last forever. All those thoughts and troubles simply fade away and instead, there’s total peace. Complete calm, total openness to new experiences without self-judgement or shame from yourself or others and with nothing and no one holding you back anymore. Honesty. Vulnerability. You give up as much or as little control as you want, and let your partner take you deeper into pure bliss than you ever thought you could go and bring you out the other side knowing that now, you deserve this.

Hypnosis creates incredible trust and intimacy. Over the light of a single flickering candle, have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and known that together, you could make something truly beautiful.

Hypnosis allows for deep connection. With all distractions and thought stripped away, everything becomes so much clearer. The wants and needs of your body, the fantasies you’ve always wanted but have been too ashamed or scared to ask for. With trance, there is no judgement, no fear or shame, with trance there is effortless, perfect freedom to be as honest as you want to be. To feel the deep relief and joy at unburdening yourself and embracing your true indulgences. With a partner who can guide you into trance and hold you there, safe and warm and quiet, with someone like that you can be truly vulnerable and completely intimate. When I think back on the best sex of my life, nothing feels as good as being with someone who truly *understands* you. 

Trance create new memories, new experiences, a new understanding of what is possible, when you’re with the right person in that moment together. When it’s just you and them everything slows down when you look into each others eyes. These are the moments that are unforgettable.

Trance creates the mental intimacy and connection that people are chasing so desperately, to combine with the physical intimacy of having sex.

When in trance you can experience as real (as in, you’ll feel them as real) fantasies that may be very difficult to organise, dangerous or impossible in “real life”. Everything from walking hand in hand through the moonlight by the sea, to rough sex with multiple partners can be imagined, it’s entirely up to you. With trust and a little practice going into trance, you can feel anything you want to feel.

Trance is a gateway to the kind of sex you’ve always wanted to have, the kind of connection you’ve always known existed.

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