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A Website for Erotic Hypnosis Enthusiasts, Content Creators, and People who want Intense and Healthy Relationships.

Who am I? Australia's National Broadcaster interviewed me on Erotic Hypnosis.

About Me

I am the Wordsmith. I produce content for erotic hypnosis enthusiasts, for people who want healthy and happy relationships, and for other content producers, teachers and for groups.

I have taught Internationally, I have been interviewed by the National Radio Broadcaster here in Australia, I have taught two dozen different in-person workshops, published a book, created several products for sale and mentored and taught hundreds of people simple, useful and powerful skills to improve their lives and help themselves and the people they love.

Years ago, somebody believed in me and encouraged me to publish my work and share my skills with as many people as possible. I encourage people to build and create the relationships and the future they deserve, without shame, without guilt, without self-censorship and without holding back. Deep, empowering, intimate relationships that uplift and heighten the human experience. Relationships that connect us to the people we love, to the universe, to nature and to each other.

The Book

The free book includes all of my collected writings on Submissive Training, several Recommended Reading Lists, a simple Guide to Learning Erotic Hypnosis to use with your consenting partner and two dozen other guides, articles and technique writeups plus a whole lot more. Read it, enjoy it, share it around.

Free. No strings attached.

The Podcast

Raw and Unfiltered. The free podcast on erotic hypnosis, healthy relationships, submissive training, being a better Dominant, kink and whatever else I want to talk about. You'll find the Show Notes are in the Resources Folder.

This is where most of my new content comes out.

Resources Folder

One of the primary purposes of this site is to stop people from wasting years of their lives trying to find any value in the HypnoKink "Community" (there isn't any). I was really tired of people having to waste time looking through old websites and badly run Discord servers to try to find the tiny handful of useful resources. Now you can click two buttons and grab an entire archive of all of my work, and go through it whenever you have time. Show Notes for the Podcast, Printable Handouts, two dozen relaxing non-sexual Bedtime Stories, all of my Brainwashing Audios with complete scripts, entire free Workshops I've taught.

It's all there, just click the link.

Audio Content

Here you'll find a few dozen high-quality, handcrafted erotic hypnosis sessions mostly covering empowered submission, control, and building a stronger sense of your own kink identity. You'll also find gentle, non-sexual bedtime stories and some fairly intense brainwashing sessions designed to create deep, long term consenting change. Full content descriptions are included along with full Scripts in the Resources Folder. Repeated listening will result in permanent, positive changes. You have been warned.

Mailing List

Social Media (like Facebook, Instagram or Fetlife) is incredibly toxic and the negative mental health effects are well documented. I choose not to support or encourage those systems. If you want to stay up to date on content, subscribe to the free Podcast and add your email address to the Mailing List. Updates are infrequent, simple and I will never share your email with anybody.

Join the email list to stay up to date on any major changes and new content.

Group Chat

Over the years I've gathered up a handpicked group of highly talented and motivated HypnoDoms from around the world. Australia, Scotland, Europe, America. You have probably heard some of their names before. Click the link and be prepared to explain what you would contribute to the group, and your areas of skill and strength.

All are encouraged to apply.

Generic Hypnotic Content Warning

Some of these audio files may contain sexual content and those should not be listened to if you are under the age of consent in your legal area.

It is your responsibility to always act in accordance with the law and it is your responsibility to be informed as to if and where those laws apply. Your mind is your responsibility.