Love and Power

How to have amazing relationships, basically.

Who am I? Australia's National Broadcaster interviewed me on Erotic Hypnosis.

I Am Seeking A Graphic Designer

I am seeking a graphic designer to help to create some artwork for this site, and for future products. I can pay you with actual money, not for free. If interested, email me.

About The Creator

Some people call me The Wordsmith. I love relationships, creating them, exploring them, fixing them, making them great and fun and positive. When you have a good life, the first thing you usually want to do is find someone amazing to share it with, right?

I want you to have an amazing relationship, and to really build something great. So I created this free website, podcast and resources to help to do that. To inspire you, to teach you and to show you that you aren't alone in wanting a really awesome connection with someone and all the fun things you can do.

I've taught internationally, I've been interviewed by the ABC (the National Radio Broadcaster here in Australia).

This website is a project of passion.