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You can find me at this Email Address and be sure to include the word “groovy” in the subject line, as I get a lot of emails from people wanting my attention.

I am proud of how my work helps people to live happier lives.

How to Train your Submissive Audio Course

A synthesis of two deeply effective training methodologies (Hypnosis and Operant Conditioning), presented without dogma and in plain, simple language to allow you to implement both to shape your partners behaviours and attitudes with fluency and ease. You both deserve a happy and harmonious relationship and these tools can help to accomplish that. I’d also recommend checking out the Booklists.

I looked at what else was out there on Training submissive’s and it sucked, so I made mine better than the rest.

The 2+ hours of Audio is clearly labelled and divided into chapters. Includes several written handouts, templates, exercises, and extra content added since the course was taught. For more details CLICK HERE.


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Guides and Templates

These are offered with minimal usage instructions, but should be fairly self explanatory. If you need help working through them, email me.


I have collected a variety of different, real, usable D/s Contracts below. Use them as inspiration for writing your own.

Hypnosis Scripts